Writing, School, Work, Family, Friends… How do we do this?

I’m feeling this a lot lately. I started back at school and officially started revisions. I’m feeling overwhelmed!

School: I know not everyone is in school, but I’ll include it anyway. School is something I consider a very high priority. School work comes before my writing on a regular basis. My goal is to be ahead.

What I first did was assign each of my classes a different color highlighter (I know, I’m Type A!) and wrote down all of my assignments/tests/projects that were on the syllabus, then highlighted each one the appropriate color. When I finish the assignment, I cross it off. My goal is to be at least one class ahead, ideally two. This gives me breathing room.

Work: There’s no getting out of this one. Go there, get stuff done, and come home. Sorry, I wish there was a magic formula.

Family/Friends: This answer sucks, but your family and friends know how important writing is to you! I’m not saying don’t make time for them, but make sure they know your designated writing times and they respect them. Make time for your friends/family outside of the sphere of writing… even if it’s just getting lunch one day! Or chilling and watching a movie.

Writing: MAKE IT A HABIT! This is my number one. I made writing a habit when I did Camp NaNo this year and it helped me immensely. However, habits are hard to make and easy to break. Sit down and (try to) do something writing related everyday. This isn’t just writing; it can be blogging, cover art, outlining, revising, whatever.

A Mesh of all those: Aka life. Trust the process and know that you aren’t a machine. You can’t go to school, go to work, see your family, and write 10k words in a day. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself! Setting yourself up to fail causes motivation to plummet (speaking of, don’t just work when you’re motivated).

I didn’t mention this, but please sleep. I ❤ sleep, and you need it, too. Throw in a workout every once in a while. Balance.

Until next time, Allison


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