NaNoWriMo: Week 1 Recap

WOAH! Guys, we made it! The first week of NaNoWriMo has come and gone. I’ve seen some impressive word counts and some awesome WIP descriptions.

I capped off week one at about 13,900 words! I managed to get a day ahead which definitely helped me. I (hope) to keep it that way for the rest of NaNo. It relieves some stress, for sure.

Did you notice anything about your draft this first week? Something you wanted to change or tweak? A plot hole in your outline that had you rolling around at 2AM and going, “Oh, crap,”? (That was me last night… it wasn’t fun.)

I don’t advocate for editing during NaNo. NO. But I do think it is okay to revise your outline to fit your goals. There is no point in writing what you know you will change (for NaNo purposes, that is).

Don’t fall into the week two slump! You can do this. List all the things y0u love about your manuscript. Write down on a note sheet things you want to go back and change in December. That way you know you won’t forget, but you aren’t deleting your writing.

What do you love about your WIP? What have you noticed needs changing?

Allison 🙂


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