Writing Tag!

I know. Another writing tag. What can I say? I have no excuses and they’re fun. 

The questions can be found here 🙂 

I’ll be answering these with characters from my untitled (which is driving me mad) WIP and LUCID. LUCID answers will be in italic, and my WIP is in bold. 🙂

1. A crazy hacker’s gone into your computer, and has deleted all of your music, except for one song off of your writing playlist. Which song is it?

… oops. I don’t have a writing playlist! I can’t write with any music on. 🙂 

2. Your protagonist and antagonist have been paired up by friends to go out to lunch together. Where do they go?

Sophia wants to go somewhere expensive, but comfortable. My antag. would want the same thing 😉 

They go wherever my antagonist wants to go, because he gets whatever he wants. I know, spoiled brat, right? Lucy goes along with it because she’s getting free food. 

3. You’re crossing a bridge when the troll living under it stops you. He demands to read a chapter from your novel, and won’t let you cross otherwise. Which chapter do you give him?

I’ve only written ten chapters so far, but I’d definitely give him chapter nine. Shit happens. The good kind. Then the bad kind. Isn’t that the best?

It’s been a while, as I took a step back from LUCID, but the chapter with (spoiler) and Lucy’s first date. 🙂 it’s really cute. 

4. Your friends have invited you out to a party. Surprise! All of your characters are there. Who do you choose to hang out with?

Mateo! Of course. He’a very sweet, and also attractive. Can’t think of a negative. He also attracts the good kind of people. 

Nate and Valerie! Perfect amount of sweet and sassy. But Valerie would want Sam to be with us, and that’s kind of a hit or miss situation. 

5. Crap. You left your car keys in your house, and you’ve (somehow) locked yourself out. Which of your characters picks the lock for you?

Jae. Really anyone could do it, but I’d call him. 

Sam, unfortunately. 

6. The zombie apocalypse is happening right now. (It sucks.) Everyone is fleeing the planet, and moving to Mars. ONE of your characters can go with you. Who do you choose?

Bruno! Nothing bad should ever happen to him. Ever. ❤

NATE. Don’t ask questions. Always Nate. 

7. You’ve been given the opportunity to travel to one place (town, building, landmark, country) in your book. Where do you go?

Aizen. I hate the cold, but my characters could fix that for me. It’s so beautiful, covered in snow and ice year round. 

Engem, specifically to see the gates. They’re based off of gates in Greek mythology and they’re so beautiful. 

8. You meet your main character and start a conversation with them. Problem is, you’ve only got six words or less to do so. What do you say?

Are they worth everything you’re doing?

Damn, Lucy, make up your mind. 

9. Crazy acid rain is falling from the sky. Which of your characters would you use as an umbrella?

Solange, a whiny vampire who annoys the crap outta me. I know, I wrote her. 

Katherine. She’s like, one of those tag-a-long friends who watches her friends do bad things and doesn’t say anything. 

10. You’re out at a restaurant with your main character, and the time has come to order dessert. What do you order for them?

Truthfully, she would never let someone else order for her. Molten lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🙂 

Any kind of ice cream they have. 🙂
If you have any blog posts you’d like me to write, comment below with suggestions or tweet me @allisonwrites_

I hope you’re having a great start to 2017!

Allison 😊


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