Book Review: Lady Midnight

Hello everyone! I’m trying to get better about posting. Key word trying.

I recently finished Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and decided to share my thoughts about it. I don’t formally review books, so I don’t have a system, but…

I rated this book 5/5 stars!


HOLY MOLY. The ending. The ending was my favorite part of the whole book. It may go down as one of my favorite endings ever, I loved it that much. I’m trying not to be   spoiler-y in this review, but… I guess some people might hate it. It left me staring at the page, smiling like an idiot.

I really related to Emma’s character. She acted like an actual teenage girl and I appreciated that during this story. Most teenage girls aren’t trying to find out who killed their parents, but I mean for the lesser stuff. Love and all that. Her wit and sarcasm were fantastic.

Julian’s character wasn’t like any of the other male leads in Clare’s novels. He isn’t overly masculine or a major douche (or at least “acting” like a major douche because of some trauma or event). He was just Julian, doing the best he could under the circumstances.

***SPOILER*** Kiernan and Mark. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.


Usually when reading Clare’s books, at the “big reveal” I find myself thinking, “Holy cow, how did I not see this coming?! Everything led to this!” This one felt lackluster. I didn’t gasp or… anything. I was just like oh okay. Maybe other people didn’t feel this way.

***SPOILER*** ***I MEAN IT, HUGE SPOILER*** After they find out… someone is taken by… someone to the convergence site, they take so DAMN LONG TO GO! Talking about everything for what feels like forever. Am I missing something? Did I miss something? I felt like I did. Because they’re all taking their sweet time, getting weapons and discussing stuff with Kiernan and I’m like …?

Emma’s reaction to what Jem told her was downright ridiculous. Even though it leads to the ending I love, I was screaming at the book, “NO, NO, NO!” Absolutely ridiculous. This is vague for spoiler reasons, but… c’mon. She could have told this person the truth and it would have worked out. They have a good head on their shoulders.

As always, Clare’s writing left me turning page after page to finish this book. I can’t wait for the next!

Have you read Lady Midnight? What did you think?

Allison 🙂




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