Character Tag!

Hi everyone!

I’m going to be doing a character tag because I love talking about my characters. No shame here. I found this tag through Jenna Moreci! Let’s jump into it.

I’ll be using three characters: Sophia, Mateo, and Jae from my WIP, The King’s Daughter.

Question 1: Your OC watches as a person in front of them drops a small coin pouch. Does your OC say something to the person who dropped it, or do they keep the pouch (wallet) for themselves?

MATEO picks it up and gives it back to the person who dropped it. Not because he hasn’t stolen anything before, but who does it right in front of someone like that? Rookie.

Question 2: A good friend of your OC has a crush on another person. The other person has a crush on your OC. Your OC and your friend have an equal chance of being in a committed relationship with this other person. The other person would make your OC’s friend extremely happy for the rest of their life, but your OC would make the other person extremely happy for the rest of their life. Does your OC let their friend take the relationship, or does your OC take the other person for themselves?

JAE takes the person for themselves. Truly, did the other guy really have a chance anyway? When it comes to Jae, he gets what he wants. Doesn’t matter what he has to do to get there.

Question 3: Your OC steals something very valuable. Your OC and a known thief are both suspected in the theft. If your OC admits to it, they will be thrown in jail for a month, but if your OC blames the known thief, there will be no questions asked, and the thief will spend their life in prison. Does your OC admit to the theft or blame the other person?

SOPHIA admits to the theft and gets out of having to go to jail for a month. Perks of being a Fae Princess.

Question 4: Your OC is trapped in a cave with their loving and faithful dog. Your OC knows that help is coming, but it won’t be in time before they die of starvation. Your OC will survive if they kill and eat their faithful companion. Does your OC risk death from starvation or kill and eat the dog knowing they will survive?

MATEO is a vampire, so he would suck just enough of the dog’s blood to keep himself from going insane while also keeping the dog alive.

Question 5: Your OC has been often and severely bullied by another individual. While walking deep into the woods one day, your OC finds this individual has their foot caught in a bear trap and can’t escape without help. There is an equal chance that either a hunting party or a vicious beast will find the bully if your OC doesn’t help them. Does your OC leave the bully there or do they help?

JAE not only leaves the bully there, he knowingly taunts him and waits for people to come. Hell, he would lead a group of people to the person.

Question 6: Your OC is the leader of a small village. Winter is fast approaching and the harvest is complete, which will mean your village will survive the winter. A band of raiders show up and demand that your village has a choice of either giving them all your OC’s villages crops which will likely mean death for the village, or you give them half your crops, and half your OC’s villagers, who will surely be used as slaves. Does your OC give them all the crops and risk death of the village, or half the crops and half the villagers, which will guarantee the village staying alive?

SOPHIA would send half of her villagers off to be slaves. A sucky decision, but she has to think of her people as a whole and not individually.

Question 7: Given that your OC’s parents are still alive (whether true in your story or not), a psychopath has them held hostage. Your OC must make a choice whether to kill either their mother or father, or both will die. Whom do they choose?

MATEO would kill his father and his father wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. And Mateo wouldn’t even have to think for a second.


I hope you enjoyed! If you see any other amazing tags, let me know, as they are my favorite to make blog posts about. (If you haven’t noticed…)

Allison 🙂


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