Writing/Life Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. Life has been a struggle this month with end of the semester, medical issues, the beta process, and editing. I thought I would write a life and writing update to hopefully jump back into the swing of things.

The end of last month/beginning of this month were really hard for me. I had a lot of medical anniversaries that I wasn’t ready to face. On March 22, it was the “anniversary” of my first surgery. One year ago on April 4, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. April 6th, I had my second surgery. Those weeks were hard for me. I fell into a slump specifically on April 4 and didn’t write. I couldn’t get myself out of that headspace. Luckily, I had my family, friends, the support of my amazing CP and other writer buddies and I dived back into writing. It’s hard when I think about how this happened to me and it’s never going to go away.

When I finally started writing again, I jumped into the sequel to THE KING’S DAUGHTER. That really helped my motivation to start writing again. Were they good words? Probably not, but I was writing. And that was good enough.

I’m currently in my second round of beta readers for THE KING’S DAUGHTER. Thank you times a billion to all the lovely people who offered to beta read for me. My CP has the last few chapters and is sending me her feedback, then I ship it off to betas after revisions. Reading critiques never gets easier, but I’ve learned my reaction to them and how to handle it. That’s invaluable.

What I took away from this month is very simple: I love writing. No matter what happens, what feedback I get or what happens in my personal life, I love writing. I need to do it. My characters are constantly in my head begging for their story to be written and I can’t wait to write their story. I cannot wait to get TKD out into the world.

I’ll end on that sappy note.

How was your April?




One thought on “Writing/Life Update

  1. You are so strong, to have gotten through a tough month and STILL have found time to write. We all fall into slump months now and then – for bad, or worse, reasons – but you should be proud in the fact that you’ve made it. Here’s to a good month ahead!
    Emma xx

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