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Hey, everyone! I’ve done lots of tags on this blog before, but because I decided to start over and my writing has evolved since first starting my blog, I decided to do this one. Tags are fun. . . and you’ll probably see a lot of them on this blog. Oops.

I found this tag on Newshound to Novelist! Let’s get started.

What do you write?

I don’t like to limit myself. I have so many ideas, from fantasy to contemporary to even a non-fiction novel. When I first started writing, I wrote short stories. I haven’t ventured back to those after starting a novel.

What do you mostly write about?

Things that only occur in the imagination. I mostly write fantasy because it’s fun and it allows me to be creative! I do love a good romance, though.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

It allows me to get all my thoughts onto the page and explore things that don’t exist. When I was little, I was known as the smart kid, not the creative kid. Growing up, I always felt like you could be smart or creative. There wasn’t a blurred line. I never thought I could be creative. It allows me to see that side of myself. It’s also just damn fun… sometimes.

What/Who inspired you to start/keep writing?

My first grade teacher and my mom are the two people in my life who fostered my love of reading, which in turn, sparked my love of writing. My parents keep me inspired. They’ve always been supportive. I keep writing because I want to see my name on a book one day. There’s something so difficult about describing why I keep writing. It’s just… part of me? I keep writing because why wouldn’t I be writing?

Who’s your favorite character you’ve made up?

Oh boy. I could lie and say this is like picking my favorite child, but I won’t. A name came to my mind immediately, but I won’t say it. Each character I’ve come up with has a place in my heart, but they’re not all my favorite ;D

When did you start writing?

Short stories? Middle school. Novel writing? High school. Seriously writing with a goal of publication? Spring of 2016.

First story you wrote?

I can’t remember the first short story I ever wrote, so I’ll go with novel. It was titled LUCID, and it’s actually a… “finished” novel that will only ever be seen by my CP’s eyes. Bless her heart. The same story will never be told, but the characters have my heart. Maybe one day.

Favorite story you ever wrote?

My current WIP. No competition. This is the story of my heart.

Do you have a writing schedule? Like, do you write everyday or just when you feel like it?

I try to write everyday, but I don’t have a schedule like, “Write 1,700 words daily.” That’s only during NaNoWriMo. I do the best I can and hope it sticks. Sometimes I set deadlines and maybe follow through with them.

Do you want to be published?



I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!

Until next time, Allison




Twisted Fate Cover Reveal!

I AM SO EXCITED. I’m just jumping right into it, because well… I don’t even want to wait another second. 

Title: Twisted Fate
Series: Twisted #1
Author: Jessi Elliott
Genre: Urban Fantasy (New Adult)
Release Date: February 13, 2018
Cover Design: Okay Creations
Pre order your copy today!

Being kidnapped by the leader of the fae really puts a dent in your senior year.

Aurora Marshall is sharp, witty, and always has a plan. Ready to finish her business degree and graduate, her life is going smoothly—until the night she meets Tristan Westbrook.

Tristan, the overbearing, gorgeous fae leader, and an admired businessman in the human world, is all kinds of dangerous. While he finds Aurora intriguing, her refusal to bend to his will keeps them locked in a constant power struggle.

Entering into a deal is the only way to escape Tristan’s clutches, which only plunges Aurora deeper into the fae world. With her future at stake, she is forced to handle his arrogance and extraordinary fae abilities as she fights to stay grounded in her mundane life.

Not to mention her struggle to ignore the growing attraction she knows she shouldn’t feel for the man who kidnapped her.

When people said college would be the most exciting time of her life, Aurora never thought this is what they meant.

About The Author

Jessi Elliott is a newly graduated law clerk and debut author of both young adult and new adult romantic fiction. Her love of writing was born after many years of reading and reviewing books on her blog Living Within Fiction.

She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her family and two adorable cats.

When she’s not plotting her next writing project, she likes to spend her time hanging with friends and family, getting lost in a steamy romance novel, watching Friends, and drinking coffee.

You can find Jessi at, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on book news and upcoming releases.


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Guys. GUYS. Do you see that beautiful cover? I’ve been heart eyes since I laid eyes on it.

February 13th can’t come fast enough.

Until next time, Allison


All-or-Nothing Mentality

Hello, everyone!

It’s January 8th, which means it’s just over a week after people have set their New Year’s resolutions. I read somewhere online that most people give up their resolutions within a week of the New Year. (And if I read it on the internet, it must be true.) Whether the statistic is true or not, I believe that most people give up their resolutions within the first month of the new year, and I started to wonder why that is.

I mean, there are the obvious reasons. Unattainable goals, goals that are too strict, or goals that have no meaning or motivation behind them. But I think the biggest reason I usually give up on (usually, but I actually haven’t give up yet in 2018!) my resolutions within the week, or the month, is because of my all-or-nothing mentality.

There are plenty of people who struggle with this. When it comes to goals or plans, I believe that if I don’t give it my 100% the first time, then there isn’t a next time until the new month or new year. As if no progress can be made the other 11 months of the year or the rest of the 20-something days of the month.

I realized this about myself a long time ago, but it is a really tough mentality to crack. It’s letting go of the fact that I’m not a failure because I didn’t do it right the first time. It’s acknowledging the fact that I am still worth it, that my goal is still worth it, and that I need to give it another shot.

[TW: weight & exercise talk below]

This year, when I set my resolutions, I kept this in mind. I know myself by now. Every year before this, I set a goal like, “Exercise at least 4 times a week,” or “read at least 30 minutes a day,” or “I will wake up at 7AM everyday.” These goals are hard. These goals are too strict. They don’t account for life’s surprises that can take you for a hell of a turn.

*I’m not hating on anyone who has these goals. They just don’t work for me because I have this mentality.*

Let’s say I set the goal to wake up at 7AM everyday. Then it’s January first, I went to bed at 2:30AM the day previously. My alarm goes off at 7AM and I promptly hit the snooze button. I wake up at 11AM and realize my resolution was already broken. On day one! DAY. ONE. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I’m pretty much calling myself out right now.

So when the time rolled around to create my 2018 goals, I told myself I wasn’t setting a weekly exercise goal or a goal that didn’t account for… well, life. And while I still have to fight myself on a daily basis with my all-or-nothing mentality, it’s become less of a struggle now that I know it exists.

So here’s your permission to let go.

Your goals don’t have to start next week, next month, or next year. You don’t have to wait for a Monday. You don’t have to wait for the first of the month. You don’t have to wait for January 1st, 2019. It’s not going to be perfect.

But you’re worth all of the goals you set for 2018, and you still have plenty of time to achieve them.

Until next time,


2018, I’m so Ready for You

Smell ya later, 2017!

Why not start the new year off right by talking about my writing and reading goals? It’s been awhile since I updated this blog, and I’m hoping to consistently post in 2018. Let’s jump right into it:

2018 Writing and Reading Goals:

1. Read 30 books.

My goal in 2017 was to read 50 books, and I was only 13 books shy of that goal. However, this is my last semester before graduating with my undergraduate degree (*cue the screaming*), and I start my master’s program in the Fall (*screaming intensifies*). Because of those reasons, I decided to cut back on my goal. Plus, I don’t want reading to be a chore. Reading is something to escape to.

2. Just… write… some words. Like any at all would be good.

Yes, yes, this is a terrible goal. I’m acting like I accomplished nothing writing wise in 2017, which is completely untrue and ridiculous. I mean, I wrote a book, sent it to my CP, revised it, sent it to betas, revised again, betas, revised again, revised again… queried, and decided it needed a rewrite. It wasn’t ready. After deciding all that, it was very hard for me to write any words at all, which is where this goal comes from. It could also say, “get over yourself and just write, c’mon.” But, y’know.

January Writing and Reading Goals:

  1. Read 3 books.

I’m so pumped to dive into some of the books I got for Christmas. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later? I received so many good ones!

2. Write 10,000 words.

For me, this is a very conservative monthly goal. But because I’m in this funk, I’m not going to put an unrealistic expectation on myself. I don’t want to set myself up for failure.


What are some of your reading and writing goals for 2018? Are there any books you’re super excited to read? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


Book Review: Lady Midnight

Hello everyone! I’m trying to get better about posting. Key word trying.

I recently finished Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and decided to share my thoughts about it. I don’t formally review books, so I don’t have a system, but…

I rated this book 5/5 stars!


HOLY MOLY. The ending. The ending was my favorite part of the whole book. It may go down as one of my favorite endings ever, I loved it that much. I’m trying not to be   spoiler-y in this review, but… I guess some people might hate it. It left me staring at the page, smiling like an idiot.

I really related to Emma’s character. She acted like an actual teenage girl and I appreciated that during this story. Most teenage girls aren’t trying to find out who killed their parents, but I mean for the lesser stuff. Love and all that. Her wit and sarcasm were fantastic.

Julian’s character wasn’t like any of the other male leads in Clare’s novels. He isn’t overly masculine or a major douche (or at least “acting” like a major douche because of some trauma or event). He was just Julian, doing the best he could under the circumstances.

***SPOILER*** Kiernan and Mark. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.


Usually when reading Clare’s books, at the “big reveal” I find myself thinking, “Holy cow, how did I not see this coming?! Everything led to this!” This one felt lackluster. I didn’t gasp or… anything. I was just like oh okay. Maybe other people didn’t feel this way.

***SPOILER*** ***I MEAN IT, HUGE SPOILER*** After they find out… someone is taken by… someone to the convergence site, they take so DAMN LONG TO GO! Talking about everything for what feels like forever. Am I missing something? Did I miss something? I felt like I did. Because they’re all taking their sweet time, getting weapons and discussing stuff with Kiernan and I’m like …?

Emma’s reaction to what Jem told her was downright ridiculous. Even though it leads to the ending I love, I was screaming at the book, “NO, NO, NO!” Absolutely ridiculous. This is vague for spoiler reasons, but… c’mon. She could have told this person the truth and it would have worked out. They have a good head on their shoulders.

As always, Clare’s writing left me turning page after page to finish this book. I can’t wait for the next!

Have you read Lady Midnight? What did you think?

Allison 🙂



Book Review: Six Of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

Hey everyone!

I’ve never formally reviewed a book before. I decided that in the new year, I would review some of the newer books I read. I was lucky enough to be gifted both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom for Christmas. I was super excited because I had heard so many good things about the books! Lets jump in.

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo: 3/5 Stars

Yes, I gave both of the books 3 out of 5 stars. I’ll start with the good stuff. 🙂

Pros: Leigh’s writing is amazing. Someone would say something or think something and it would really hit home for me, and I always love that in a novel. A quote that you carry with you even after you’ve finished the novel because it resonated that much with you.

The complexity and diversity of the characters boggled my mind. There wasn’t one character who I felt was meh. I’m not a fan of alternating POVs (typically), but this was an exception. The characters backstories were incredible and explained why they acted the way they did. Their pasts  were clearly well thought out and that translated into an amazing character story.

*SPOILERS* Kaz and Inej. Matthias and Nina. Wylan and Jesper. I loved them all. Their incredible backstories made me love them even more.

Cons: I’ll start with the part that bothered me the most about Six of Crows. This point doesn’t apply to Crooked Kingdom because I was immersed in the world by then. However, when I began reading SoC, I had no idea what the hell was going on. I love being thrown into a story, but there was little to no explanation of… anything. I repeatedly asked myself if I was missing pages or I had to have skimmed over something. That’s how confused I was at some points.

The plot was way too thick. This kind of goes along with the first point. When I read a story, I like to be able to guess or at least follow what is going on. Literally… couldn’t even comprehend. I couldn’t form a guess because I was lost. Maybe I missed something. But I just felt there was so much going on that it was hard for me to follow. If the plot was given more time to develop, maybe, or a character explained how the hell that just happened, maybe I would have understood. Which brings me to my next point:

How did any of this happen? I understand that when a reader reads a book, there has to be a little bit of a wow factor. That for one or two things that happen in the novel, the reader can think it’s amazing and need no explanation for how it was completed. However, the reader is forced to believe these seventeen year-olds pulled off these impossible feats time and time again. Eventually, I didn’t believe it at all. How could Kaz do all of these things… with little to no explanation of how he did them? Eh, I didn’t buy it.

*HUGE SPOILER* Uh… I lied earlier. This was the thing that made me almost put down the book and not finish it. This… scene… made me so unbelievably angry. I rarely DNF a book, but guys. Matthias death wasn’t totally UNNECESSARY and didn’t help the plot AT ALL. Not to mention it was completely rushed and he died at the hands of a fourteen-year old. Are you f-ing kidding me? He deserved better than that! Nina and Matthias deserved better than that. His death was purely for shock factor, in my opinion, and that is not okay.

In the end… I rated both these stories 3/5 because Leigh’s writing saved the novel as well as her attention to the character’s backstory. Without these lovable and imperfect characters, I wouldn’t have been able to finish either of these books. I would absolutely pick up other novels written by Bardugo. She’s a fantastic writer, but this duo wasn’t for me.

What did you think of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom?

Allison 🙂